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German PVN pipeline reminds you that it will be to
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Tips from German PVN:

1. Before slotting: confirm the water pipe direction and equipment position

First of all, according to the decoration design drawings and house type structure, determine whether the water pipe is ceiling or floor.

At the same time, confirm the location, installation method and whether hot water is required for water purifiers, water heaters, toilets, wash basins and other water equipment.

2. Slotting Construction: pay attention to the process specification

① Pre construction communication: the construction can be officially started only after communication and negotiation with the construction personnel. The hydraulic master first draws the line with ink and outlines the route that needs to be taken.

② Undercut: use the special tool cutting machine to cut the grooved surface according to the line, and then use the electric hammer to cut the groove.

Important reminder: during construction, pay attention not to cut off the reinforcement, so as not to affect the quality and safety of the house.

3. Slotting size: there are requirements in specific standards

In addition to the order of slotting, we should also pay attention to the width, depth and height of slotting. Width of wall slot: 4cm for single slot and 10cm for double slot; Wall slot depth: about 3-4cm.

The height should be based on the specific requirements of different water equipment.

4. Slotting Construction: selection is very important for hydraulic masters

The above standard construction can only be operated by professional hydraulic masters. Therefore, when slotting the water pipe, we should also choose the right hydraulic master.

The company will be committed to continuously improve the production process and quality of products, and constantly develop new products to maintain market competitiveness.

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