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德国PVN Floor heating ---- give your family warmth a
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Floor heating dissipates heat through the floor

The temperature rises in a downward upward gradient

It's hot to step on the floor

The head is cool

In line with the health concept of "warm feet and cool top" of traditional Chinese medicine

It is very suitable for winter heating demand in South China

Reasons for installing floor heating in the South:

Relevant data show that people will feel cold when the temperature is lower than 12 ℃. The average temperature in winter in the south is 6.5 ℃ and the average humidity is 75% (only 25% in the North). The body temperature caused by heavy moisture is only 2.5 ℃, which is the root of rheumatism, arthritis, female body cold, vascular stiffness, endocrine disorders and other diseases.

Benefits of floor heating to human body:

The wet and cold climate in winter is the root of various diseases, especially the middle-aged and elderly groups suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases. The wet and cold climate makes the condition more and more serious; Many women have cold body and palace, so they need to keep warm in winter. The indoor temperature is even and stable, warm enough and cool at the top. It is not blown by the hot wind. The temperature and humidity are maintained within the most suitable range of the human body, which can well promote the blood circulation of the body and improve the skin quality, which is particularly beneficial to children, women and the elderly.

① . take care of your baby

Children like to crawl on the ground and are particularly vulnerable to cold in winter. In the room with floor heating, the ground is warm. The baby can sit on the ground at any time without worrying about the child's cold and cold, so as to provide a warm living and growth environment for the baby.

② Love women

Floor heating starts at the "foot", stimulates foot meridians, promotes blood circulation throughout the body, effectively alleviates women's symptoms such as body cold and palace cold, and has a good prevention and treatment effect on women's diseases. Floor heating creates the most suitable temperature and humidity for human body, which can solve the problem of dry and rough skin of women in winter, so that women who love beauty can also have smooth and delicate skin in winter.

③ The old man's warm-up treasure in winter

There is an old saying that "feet warm the body but not cold". The indoor temperature and humidity of the room equipped with floor heating are within the highest comfort range of human senses, which can promote the blood circulation of feet and legs and alleviate the diseases of the elderly such as stroke, rheumatism and arthritis.

Relationship between floor heating and air conditioning

Air conditioning in summer and ground heating in winter: air conditioning is suitable for refrigeration and is a necessity in summer. Floor heating and air conditioning are complementary. 德国PVN floor heating is not only the most comfortable heating mode, but also conducive to health and physical fitness. It is the first choice for heating in winter.

The company will be committed to continuously improve the production process and quality of products, and constantly develop new products to maintain market competitiveness.

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